Candyfromstrangers is a band with a unique approach. The group makes music that blends a wide variety of styles very seamlessly.

You can expect lush electronic sounds, soulful melodies, and uplifting dance rhythms to spice up the music by the band. candyfromstrangers' once more than just entertaining people. The band wants to make a true impact in the lives of the listeners.

This is the reason why the group aims to create music that offers a deeper connection with the audience. After all, music can become the soundtrack to some of our most special moments, and it can accompany our memories for many years to come. This is the reason why candyfromstrangers wants to make every note special, fueling the band's vision with passion and intensity.

The group revolves around Trew, an actor and model, and Danni Holland, an actress, model, and writer. They both have extensive experience in the music industry, and they connected with a rotating cast of friends and fellow musicians to help them bring their songs to life. Because of the open nature of the band's lineup, the sound can be incredibly diverse and refreshing since there is always room for new ideas and twists.

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