Trew is an experienced musician, songwriter, and voiceover actor. Recognized for his innovative approach to music, he regularly insists on pushing the limits, breaking down barriers, and thinking outside the box while creating music throughout various genres. In a world where most are trying to fit into a specific niche, Trew seeks to stand out with his contemporary music as the proud co-CEO of Coolhandtrew and Clocked Out.

Trew is a Virginia native who has spent the last two decades dedicated to the entertainment industry, regularly pushing fresh, inventive ideas to the forefront. As a result, it's not uncommon for top-rated marketing companies and leading record labels to reach out to him for music, voiceovers, and ideas for their latest projects. His music has been featured in numerous ads, movies and tv shows, such as All American, 4400, Under the Silver Lake (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) , The NBA and more

While working in entertainment, Jay has had the opportunity to collaborate with several leading industry producers, such as Ski Beatz, Nottz, and Mark Henry. He has toured with the rock group Kid is Qual, which opened up for the American rock band Jack's Mannequin, and founded groups such as @flyneverdies and candy from strangers consisting of some of the most amazing artists.

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